What is mediation?

Mediation lets you resolve your matter without going to court, using a private mediator who helps you reach a settlement with the other party. It has been in practice since time immemorial and ODRways wants to bring it to you in the online medium!

Our name = Online dispute resolution way to justice or ODRways.

What is our legal efficacy? Is this process comprehensive enough to result in a judgment? If so, how so?

Yes. ODRways may at first not seem authoratitive when compared to a small causes court. However, is it completely legal and in accordance with the laws prevailing in our country.

We use the procedure of telephonic mediation supplemented by our platform.

What is the value of ODRways decision?

The settlement agreement drafted at the end of process is a legally binding on both parties. The contract is a result of the consensus reached by way of the mediation taken place erstwhile.

Ok, but how do I actually collect?

We expect most people to pay up once a settlement agreement is reached given they will have contractually agreed to do so, and because we will make sure both sides understand that our settlement agreement is enforceable in court.

What criteria do your mediators have to meet?

We're committed to providing you with high quality mediators. We connect you with experienced lawyers who went to top law schools and have expertise in your area of dispute.

What types of cases does ODRways handle?

Anything handled in small claims court including disagreements over loan repayments, past due invoices, car repair, security deposits, and services contracts. We currently handle matters under Rs 99000.

A good rule of thumb - if someone owes you money, you can use ODRways. Especially if you have a written contract.

What are the benefits of settling online rather than in small causes court?

The benefits of using ODRways are: Convenience, Quicker Turnaround Time (versus small claims court), Comfort and Quality.

Convenience. You can do it from anywhere. Small claims court can be really hassling - you have to take time off work or step away from your business/family to drive down to court, wait for your case to be called (1-2 hours), argue your case, and drive back to work/home. And if you want to get a witness to join you, they’ll face the same hassles. With ODRways it’s just telephonic hearings according and that too the appointments will be fixed according to your convenience (after sending in a statement and whatever evidence you might have).

Quicker turnaround time. You can reach an ODRways settlement within 3 weeks from the date both parties agree to use the service. Versus approximately 2-3 years in courts or even more.

Comfort. You don’t have to learn the rules of court and don’t have to get in front of a packed court room/judge to argue your case. Our mediators are highly competent but not intimidating.

Quality. We’ll spend more time on your matter than a small claims court judge, with high quality mediators who are qualified to hear your claim. So we expect to be able to provide higher quality justice.

How much does it cost?

Since we are a government funded project, the fee is taken cared of. So Basically for you, the service is completely free.

What if I am not tech savvy?

A legal technician appointed by ODRways, is going to you assist you with the logistical and technical requirements. Any time you need any kind of help, he can come to your house.

Mind you, they are not competent to provide you with legal advice.

What inspired ODRways?

A legal system that's too expensive and inefficient at resolving small matters. We decided we could do better. And want to inspire people to work out their differences in a quicker, more efficient, more effective manner.

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