FAQ For Users

1) How can Domain help me?

Domain, i.e, Directory of Mediators in India, helps you connect to mediators.

2) Who are mediators?

Mediators are trained professionals in dispute resolution. Basically, they are experts who provide mediation services to resolve a dispute.

3) What happens in mediation?

A trained, impartial mediator ensures that all sides of the story are heard and helps participants build a solution. The mediator will not make any decisions for you or provide legal advice. Some cases reach agreement in just one session; others may take longer.

4) What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation can save you time and money. Most mediation sessions are just a few hours and low cost. Most importantly, mediation gives you control over the outcome.

5) What are the risks of using mediation?

You can't 'lose' with mediation. The biggest risk is the loss of your time if you don't reach an agreement. But even then you may end up with a better understanding of the other side's point of view. You are still free to pursue legal options.

6) Why should I try mediation?

Mediation is supported by the Indian Courts. Under section 89 of Civil Procedure Code of India, courts refer suitable cases to mediation. It makes even more sense to try mediation before going to the court.

7) Who controls the outcome?

You do. In mediation you and the other party work together to find a solution. The mediator does not decide for you.

8) Okay, I want mediation. How can domain help me?

Domain can help you get connected to mediators in two ways:

1) Choose a Mediator yourself: Browse through our comprehensive list of mediators and book an appointment in seconds

2) Get Matched: Tell us your problem and we will appoint the most suitable mediator for your case in 24 hours.

9) What details am I supposed to give?

You are supposed to give the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Address
  5. Brief details of the dispute
10) How do I know that these are quality mediators?

At ODRways, we know how vital it is to not only find a mediator quickly, but also to make sure that the mediator you choose provides quality services.

ODRways does a thorough background check of each mediator. We only accept mediators who have met a certain set of criteria according to the model rules of "Mediation Training Manual Of India", prepared by the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), Supreme Court of India. Some of these criteria include holding a mediation practising certificate, having no history of malpractice/disbarring, being a professional with at least fifteen years experience in a particular field,etc.

11) How much time does the whole process take?

A mediator from Domain will contact you within 24 hours.

12) What if I don't like the mediator?

You can choose someone else. Also, the mediator won't charge you anything for the first consultation.

13) What if I can't find a mediator according to my requirements?

Presently, we have mediators in 12 cities of India. If you'd like us to take care of the heavy lifting involved with finding and connecting with a mediator, fill out this short form (here) and our support team will arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced mediator according to your requirements on your behalf.

14) How does "Get Matched" works?

A suitable mediator is appointed to you on the basis of an algorithm which is based on the mediation experience, which includes number of mediations and trainings, and subject matter expertise of a mediator according to the requirements of the case, which includes the professional background of mediator.

15) What is the price for using this service?

This service is completely free to use.

FAQ For Mediators

1) What is DOMAIN?

DOMAIN is an online portal designed specifically for mediators of India.It stands for Directory Of Mediators In India. It serves two purposes:

1) It is the first directory for mediators of India. People will be able to contact  mediators when they have disputes.
2) It will also serve as a knowledge sharing platform for mediators. They can engage in discussions and stay updated with all the mediation related developments around the world. This feature will be launched soon.

2) What is the objective behind DOMAIN?

Mediation needs to be promoted in India. It has proved to be a successful method of dispute resolution around the world for improving access to justice.However, people in our country find it extremely difficult to use mediation. It is not easy to find a mediator. Private mediation, specifically, has extremely low prevalence in India. DOMAIN wants to change that.

Simply put, we want mediation to grow in India. Next time, when someone has a dispute, they should call a mediator and not a lawyer.

3)Who can Join Domain?

The qualifications of a mediator are required to be in consonance with the model rules of "Mediation Training Manual Of India", prepared by the  Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), Supreme Court of India.
So if you are a certified mediator, or a legal practitioner with at least fifteen years of practice, or a professional with at least fifteen years experience in a particular field, or a retired senior bureaucrat, or a retired senior executive, interested in practising private mediation, then join the DOMAIN by filling up this simple registration form available here .

4) Why should I join DOMAIN?

You want your mediation practice  to be discovered online by persons specifically seeking skilled mediators to assist resolution of their disputes. You want to be a part of the first knowledge sharing platform designed specifically for mediators of India. You want mediation to grow in India. You care about mediation.

5) Who are the people behind DOMAIN?

ODRways, an initiative taken by a law student and an engineer, has been actively promoting mediation in India for the last 18 months. To know more about them, check out their details, blog and facebook page.  From former law minister of India to lawyers to judges, the Indian legal community has shown strong support for their initiative. This is another attempt to promote mediation in India.

6) How can I join DOMAIN?

It is an extremely simple form which won't take more than 10 minutes to fill. Once you submit the form, we will verify your details and put it in our directory. To begin, click here!

7) What kind of information is required in this form?

You have to create an account. The information required can be divided in these four categories:
1) Personal Information
2) Mediation Qualifications
3) Professional Background
4) Miscellaneous information

8) Any specific instructions before filling the form?

1) You need to have a softcopy of your "mediation practice certificate". It can be a word document, pdf or an image. This is not a mandatory requirement if you fulfill other qualifications given in FAQ 3.
2) You also need a recent picture of yourself which you can upload.
You are responsible for providing accurate information. Please go through the privacy policy before joining DOMAIN.

9) How will this directory be used?

The biggest single obstacle to entering mediation is probably the concern of many parties and lawyers that their opponent will interpret an expression of interest in settlement as a signal that a party does not believe in its legal case. There are ways to avoid or lessen this concern. The mediator can help by contacting the opponent and suggesting mediation to them. This way the parties don't have to convince their opponents and sell to them. The mediator can bridge this gap.

This directory will be accessible to members of the public, the legal profession, large corporations, small businesses, government departments, court officials, individuals, and disputants. We will try to make it available on as many legal websites of India as possible. People can search for mediators in this online directory. They can contact you in two possible ways:
1) Through a "Get Matched" form available on the platform or;
2) Through an "Online Enquiry Form" which will integrated next to your profile in the directory.

10) Is there any listing fees to be a part of this platform?

No. There is no listing fees for getting registered in this directory. This is only for the first 9 months, till 30th November,2017.

11) I have a query. Who should I contact?

There are multiple ways to reach us. You can:
1) Drop an email on info@odrways.com.
2) Call us on the following numbers: a) Pranjal Sinha: +91-8337030883, b) Vikram Kumar: +91-9681948028