Seven days to spread awareness about mediation in India

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Our Mission

ODRways is an initiative taken by students of NUJS, Kolkata to spread awareness about mediation and legal technology in India.The biggest challenge mediation faces is that people are unaware of its existence or in the alternative misunderstand it's concept. The sole objective of Mediation Awareness Week is to grow awareness, knowledge and use of mediation across different parts of India.


Plan of Action

Events will include conferences, mediation theatre, mediation camps, TEDx session, seminars, mock mediations, talks by professionals and debates involving all aspects of mediation. The list of scheduled events, promoters and supports is growing and the website will be updated accordingly.


Do you want to help?

Do you want to be a part of the first Indian Mediation Week? Isn’t this a great opportunity to showcase all the work you have done in the field of mediation? Do you want to share some good ideas which can make this event a success?